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Deploy this secret keylogger to take screenshots and produce full keyboard logs without the end user's knowledge

Deploy this secret keylogger to take screenshots and produce full keyboard logs without the end user's knowledge

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Program license: Free

Program by: WIllT.Net

Version: 2

Works under: Windows


Program license

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Shadow Keylogger does exactly what its name suggests: logs keystrokes on any Windows PC.

Shadow Keylogger is a traditionally "white hat" Windows keylogger, meaning that it is intended only for legitimate purposes (such as a parent monitoring their child's internet activities). The advantage of using this over other keyloggers is that it is a silent logger, meaning that there is no way a non-tech savvy user would know they were being watched.

The software goes further than just logging keystrokes. It also has the ability to record screen activity. The next thing to look at is how the keylogger is deployed. Fortunately, Shadow Keylogger has a stealthy deployment mechanism. You just have to be able to use a computer for seconds to put in a USB drive and run the keylogger file. Then, whenever the connection is up, you can send commands and receive results from their user interface.

Because of all of the recent Windows updates and upgrades, Shadow Keylogger may have some problems, especially since many websites have stopped distributing its newer versions. It can also be hard to find a legitimate download link for this software, since it is software that is sometimes used to illegitimately spy on people without their knowledge.

Nevertheless, it is a powerful tool that generally does its job. Shadow Keylogger is one of the first commercial, legal keyloggers to also invest in data security. They keep everything in an encrypted format that only your client can view. This scheme ensures that if your operation is somehow compromised, hackers will not be able to steal the content that has already been logged.

All-in-all, Shadow Keylogger is a good product. However, due to recent Windows releases, it may not work for everyone, and antivirus systems are becoming smarter and smarter. If you happen to have the right mix of software on your machine and the target machine, then Shadow Keylogger may be a great utility for you. In this review, we will give it a good 3.5 out of 5.


  1. Has a high chance of working
  2. Very easy and secret deployment mechanism
  3. Allows even non-tech savvy users to keylog


  1. Due to its complexity, problems can arise that prevent it from working
  2. Software is frequently used by hackers, making it likely to be detected by an antivirus